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BASF Construction Chemicals Company Profile 

BASF Construction Chemicals is a division of BASF South Africa, the local affiliate of BASF, the world’s leading Chemical Company.  We develop, produce and market intelligent solutions that make construction, mining and tunneling projects not only safer, but more economic, efficient and environmentally compatible.  We pride ourselves in offering sound technical advice - from specification support, on-site support and technical support to clients, consultants, architects, engineers and contractors.


BASF Construction Chemicals provides a wide range of products to meet industry needs:


Admixture Systems


The Admixture Systems division is a leading provider of innovative admixtures for Ready-Mix, Precast and Speciality concrete.  Our Admixture Systems makes life easier for concrete professionals and contribute to deliver concrete to perfection!  The Admixture Systems business unit offers:


Admixtures for Concrete




Air Entrainers


Concrete Retarders


Delvo System for Concrete Waste Water and Return Concrete


Water Reducers


Strength Enhancers


Fibres for Concrete




Construction Systems


There is chemistry in every building.  Our solutions make structures stronger, buildings safer, surfaces more attractive and increase the lifespan of buildings.  The Construction Systems business unit offers a wide range of products within the following three product ranges:


Building Systems (structural adhesives and injection systems, concrete repair systems, bonding promoters, corrosion protection, surface improvement, precision and structural grouts, composite strengthening systems, protective coatings and Sewerage Oil Gas Industrial Coatings)


Flooring Systems (cementitious and dryshake-, commercial-, healthcare-, industrial-, and Ucrete flooring systems)


Watertight Systems (sealing joints, synthetic-, cementitious- and bituminous waterproofing systems and parking deck systems)




Global Underground Construction


Underground Construction Systems offers sound, reliable solutions to the mining and tunneling industries and pride themselves in offering these industries professional, technical and on-site support for BASF’s products and equipment.


The BASF Promise

We develop, produce and market intelligent solutions that make construction projects not only safer, but more economic, efficient and environmentally compatible. As infrastructure develops rapidly around us, we have a crucial role to play in assisting project teams, ensuring that our technology plays its part in successful completion of these initiatives.

BEE Verification
The BASF Construction Chemicals SA (Pty) Ltd BEE Verification Certificate is available for download.
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