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Nandoni Water Treatment Works, Venda 

The R900 million Luvubu River Government Water Scheme comprises the Nandoni Dam, pumping station and water treatment works (WTW), as well as numerous reservoirs, pumping stations and pipelines. The scheme provides potable water to more than a million people in the far north eastern regions of the Limpopo Province, South Africa. To supply the development of the WTWs, BASF CC SA needed ISO certification and had to put a laboratory in place for ongoing assessment of the quality, strength and durability of the admixtures used. The challenge: the walls and columns were to be poured in a single lift rather than using the traditional method of placing several lifts of concrete on top of each other. This meant a concrete mix was required that would not segregate when dropped down seven metres, often in reinforced columns and walls as thin as 250mm. Rheobuild 561M 3delivered the workability needed and 20 000 m of structural concrete was poured with high quality off-shutter finish. Concresive 1414 and 2200 were also used for repairs, and Emaco was applied to seal tie-holes. Masterflow 524 was used to cast in mechanical items in boxouts.Nandoni Water Treatment Works_ZA_Rheobuild 561M.pdf
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